The Clear 99 Secret Sound

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Get ready to win LOTS of cold hard cash!

The Secret Sound is back and you can win DOUBLE the money!

Keep track of the jackpot and play every weekday at 7:20am, 10:20am, 1:20pm & 4:20pm - be the 9th caller, guess the correct sound and you win! Guess the correct sound on a Thursday and we’ll DOUBLE your winnings!

The jackpot starts at $25 and will increase by $25 with each wrong guess.

The Clear 99 Secret Sound is BACK! Join the club, become a Clear 99 Insider - it’s free and you never know when a ‘clue’ may pop up!

Secret Sound #1 –  Jackie Melloway guessed “rubbing two dollar bills together” and won $1,750!
Secret Sound #2 – Jason Dreyer guessed “flipping a plastic cup on a table” and won $50!

Incorrect Guesses

- Somebody shutting a door

- Pulling the arm on a slot machine

- Pushing a button on a slot machine

- Coins going into a slot machine

- Opening up an old fashioned cash register

- Coins coming out of a slot machine

- A metal latch closing on a gate

- Someone placing change onto a table

- Somebody playing washers and the washer going into the cup

- The metal flap closing after you get your gumball out of the gumball machine.

- Going through a turnstile at Menards

- Someone dropping silverware in a drawer

- Somebody dropping silverware into a metal sink

- Silverware in a metal pan

- Playing the carnival game quarter machine that pushes down quarters so you can win more quarters


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