The Clear 99 Secret Sound

Posted by Clear 99 Staff on September 19, 2014

That’s a wrap – check out who won some cold hard cash!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Clear 99 Secret Sound! We gave away THOUSANDS of dollars!

Secret Sound #1 –  Jackie Melloway guessed “rubbing two dollar bills together” and won $1,750!
Secret Sound #2 – Jason Dreyer guessed “flipping a plastic cup on a table” and won $50!
Secret Sound #3 – Josh guessed “the lock that slides down on a folding table” and won $775!
Secret Sound #4 – Melanie Griffin guessed “the ball on a Foosball table dropping into the goal” and won $250

Secret Sound #5- Ben Dupre guessed, ” Opening a can of soup with an electric can opener” and won $850

Secret Sound #6 – Helen Jeavons, “Someone fanning a bunch of money.”




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