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The Clear 99 Secret Sound

Posted by Clear99 on Announcement

Get ready to win LOTS of cold hard cash!

The Secret Sound is back and you can win DOUBLE the money!

Keep track of the jackpot and play every weekday at 7:20am, 10:20am, 1:20pm & 4:20pm - be the 9th caller, guess the correct sound and you win! Guess the correct sound on a Thursday and we’ll DOUBLE your winnings!

The jackpot starts at $25 and will increase by $25 with each wrong guess.

The Clear 99 Secret Sound is BACK! Join the club, become a Clear 99 Insider - it’s free and you never know when a ‘clue’ may pop up!

Incorrect Guesses

- Sand paper sanding wood

- Scratching losing lottery ticket

- Rubbing hands together to keep warm

- Erasing something off of a piece of paper

- A kid coloring on paper with a marker

- End of a pencil eraser, erasing a mistake

- Shaking a box of spaghetti

- Somebody filing their nails

- Someone shaking a maraca

- Someone shaking rice in a container

- A pencil scribbling on paper

- Someone rubbing their hand over a phone receiver

- Scratching off a scratchers ticket

- Shaking an  Etch A Sketch

- Somebody sanding wood with a fine grit sandpaper

-A dog scratching

- Someone scratching their head

- Someone shining their shoes with a brush

- Someone cleaning the film off of car headlight

- Rubbing 2 sticks together to make a fire

- Someone using a wire brush to scrub off the grill cover on a BBQ grill

- Someone rubbing their hand back and forth on a desk/table

- Someone scrubbing a pan with a SOS pad

- Rubbing a balloon across someone’s head to create static electricity

- A dog scratching on a door wanting in

- Someone scratching your back

- Somebody using a lint brush


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