The Clear 99 Secret Sound

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We’re hooking you up with LOTS of cold hard cash!

The Secret Sound is underway and we’re DOUBLING the money every Thursday!

Keep track of the jackpot and play every weekday at 7:20am, 10:20am, 1:20pm & 4:20pm - be the 9th caller, guess the correct sound and you win! Guess the correct sound on a Thursday and we’ll DOUBLE your winnings!

The jackpot starts at $25 and will increase by $25 with each wrong guess.

The Clear 99 Secret Sound is BACK! Join the club, become a Clear 99 Insider - it’s free and you never know when a ‘clue’ may pop up!

Secret Sound #1 –  Jackie Melloway guessed “rubbing two dollar bills together” and won $1,750!
Secret Sound #2 – Jason Dreyer guessed “flipping a plastic cup on a table” and won $50!
Secret Sound #3 – Josh guessed “the lock that slides down on a folding table” and won $775!
Secret Sound #4 – Melanie Griffin guessed “the ball on a Foosball table dropping into the goal” and won $250

Secret Sound #5- Ben Dupre guessed, ” Opening a can of soup with an electric can opener” and won $850

Incorrect Guesses – Secret Sound #6

- An old fashion roll a-dex where your flipping it and the cards are turning

- Someone shuffling paper

- Somebody shaking something in a bag, maybe candy

- A deck of cards being shuffled

- Putting the dice in the plastic bubble  on the game Yahtzee and someone shaking it up

- A bank paper bill counter

- Someone shaking a paper clip holder filled with paper clips and trying to get one out

- The sound of  a shaker when you are shaking it to mix a martini/drink

- A group of people clapping their hands

- Coffee brewing and percolating

- A dog shaking after you’ve given it a bath

- The sound of a roller coaster going up the track

- Pages turning really fast in a book

- Shaking a plastic milk jug full of liquid


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