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His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

I don't think you have to have an "ex" to appreciate this guy, but it probably doesn't hurt. (more…)

4th Annual Boy Scout Centennial Golf Marathon

I'm an Eagle Scout.  And not just because my Mom wouldn't let me get my driver's license until I was. (more…)

Scotty’s 4th of July Weekend

Honestly, don't watch this unless you have absolutely nothing to do for the next 2 minutes and 46 seconds. (more…)

Awww Yeah…Fallon & Williams “Slow Jam” The News

Jimmy Fallon's ratings have been less than robust as host of "Late Night", but I hope NBC gives him some more time to grow into it because either he, or his staff, or both come up with some really funny stuff occasionally. ...Read More

A Close Shave

I remember now that covering up the baby-face is the reason I grew the beard in the first place. (more…)

Miranda Lambert’s “Revolution”

It won the ACM award for Album of the Year, and I've been listening to it a lot lately. (more…)

Good Commercial or Bad Commercial?

I like to think I know a little something about advertising, but maybe not. (more…)

Turkey Meatloaf

I made one in the Crock-Pot the other night and it turned out pretty good. (more…)

The Garth Factor

It's an interesting book about Garth's career, and it's affect on Country Music. (more…)

“That Ain’t Country!”

It's the oldest argument in music, and it gets under my skin. (more…)

Late Night Shake Up

Seems to me that Jay Leno could be the big loser in all of this. (more…)

Older & Prouder

This is my oldest nephew Jordan.  He & Carissa have at least one thing in common, in that through no fault of their own, they make me realize I'm getting a little older. (more…)

Maybe Next Time I’ll Airbrush

The story behind this absurd picture actually goes back a couple of years. (more…)

The Opening Act

While watching the CMA Award Show last night, I was reminded of my favorite CMA moment ever. (more…)

The Blind Side

Before Tim McGraw gets to Mizzou Arena Feb. 25th, he's going to be on the big screen again. (more…)

To Make You Feel My Love

I have a new favorite version of the song. (more…)

A Temptation

1. Something that allures,excites and seduces someone. (more…)

Build Me Up, Buttercup!

First of all, a ukulele just went onto my list for Santa. (more…)

The Garth Factor

It's a book that came out this summer that looks at Garth's career, and how it affected the music business. (more…)

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

I was reminded of  a couple of things about my job last week.  First of all, like any job mine has it's bad days.  Secondly, 95% of people would swap with me in a minute. (more…)