THE LATEST:  2015 ACM Award Nominees
Scotty & Cara in the Morning
Clear Country Critter – Snowball Baby

This little Snowball will keep you warmer than the actual thing! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 9/23/14

Carl was riding with the Aflac Duck paint scheme in New Hampshire this weekend. (more…)

Tim McGraw Has Some Fun With Jimmy Fallon

The two took an "Inside Look" at some of Tim's songs. (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Oogie B!

Oogie B LOVES getting belly rubs, no matter what the occasion! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 9/16/14

Carl only has 9 races left with his #99 team, and "The Chase" got off to a rough start in Chicago. (more…)

Kenny Reveals the Revival

September 23rd is right around the corner! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Spock!

If you're looking for a lot of fun from a four-legged friend, Spock's your guy! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 9/9/14

"The Chase" begins this weekend in Chicago! (more…)

Cole Swindell Chats Up Scotty & Cara

He called mid-Mo's morning show before he lights up 9th Street Friday night! (more…)

Old Boots, New Dirt

Jason Aldean teases and pleases his fans! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 9/2/14

Carl finished 5th in Atlanta this weekend, and got excited when we told him Justin Moore was coming to town! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Back 2 School Carpool!

Last year's trip was so much fun, they're making another one this year! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Dominic

This lovable pup is full of energy and looking for a home! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 8/26/14

Carl's allergies are acting up, & he was reminiscing about the days when he got free Claritin! (more…)

Hunter Hits the Road

And he's stopping in Missouri - twice! (more…)

How The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Got Started

It's raised awareness & millions of dollars, but where did it begin? (more…)

She’s Been Waitin’ All Year for Sunday Night!

See who's joining Carrie Underwood in NBC's Sunday Night Football open! (more…)

Garth Finds Time For ALS Challenge

He's busy but that doesn't mean he can't accept a challenge! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 8/20/14

He wasn't just hanging out with "the suits" yesterday, he became one! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Oogie Boogie!

This 6-year old gal is one of a kind and LOVES her belly rubbed! (more…)