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Scotty & Cara in the Morning
Clear Country Critter – Pedal!

Pedal is 5-years old and quite small but very loving! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 03/11/14

After being in the middle of the pack much of the day, a little strategy got Carl up to 2nd place towards the end of the race, before he finished 5th in Las Vegas. (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Benny!

Benny is your typical beagle who's looking for a good loving family! (more…)

Scotty & Cara Throw Down For Charity

The fighting is fake, but the trash talk is real! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 2/25/14

Columbia's Carl Edwards spent some time in front of the pack in the Daytona 500, and he also told us what would make him break down and get on Twitter! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is 5-months old and SUPER soft! If you're looking for a sweet furry friend to cuddle with, he's your guy! (more…)

We Believe in Miracles

Join us February 27th & 28th for the Missouri Credit Union Miracles for Kids Radiothon. Let's make miracles happen! (more…)

Brian Williams (Sort of) Raps “Rapper’s Delight”

Thank you Jimmy Fallon.  Thank you. (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jake!

Jake may come off a little shy at first but when it comes to giving 'loves' he's far from bashful! (more…)

Tumbling With Style

Nobody WANTS to see people fall down but you gotta admit, sometimes it's funny! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 2/18/14

Finally!!  It's time for NASCAR season with the Daytona 500 this Sunday!  We should've known it was coming but we got surprised by a call from the driver of the (Clear!) #99 Roush Racing Ford! (more…)

Curling Sweeps Country Artists

Look who's got winter Olympic FEVER! (more…)

Must See Bloopers!

When you think about the new LEGO movie, bloopers probably seem IMPOSSIBLE. This is proof that NOTHING is impossible! (more…)

Clear 99 Office Olympics

Did you know that Scotty & Josh Ryan attempted the Luge recently? Check it out! (more…)

Goodbye Jay Leno

He's entertained us in the evening hours for over 20-years and tonight is his final show. (more…)

Cole Swindell Talks With Scotty & Cara

Cole's debut album drops February 18th and he can't wait to share some of the new tunes with you at The Blue Note. And is it true Luke Bryan fired him from his job selling LB t-shirts!? (more…)

Cara’s Critter

There's been a BRIEF change in video footage for this weeks Clear Country Critter ... (more…)

Miranda Lambert debuts ‘Automatic’

A single from Miranda is out and a new album from her is on the way! (more…)

Love & Theft Take Over ‘Country Now’

The first installment of YouTube's Country Channel is a GO! (more…)

Top 2014 Super Bowl Ads

The results for this years Super Bowl Ad Meter are in! Did your favorite make the cut? (more…)