THE LATEST:  Top 9 @ 9 for 9/1/14
Scotty & Cara in the Morning
Thomas Rhett gets emotional with recent #1

Being exposed to the country scene at an early age has paid off for Thomas Rhett! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 5/20/14

Carl was close enough to smell the $1 Million prize at the All-Star race, but not quite close enough to take it home. (more…)

Jake Owen Deals with the Truth

Kids are known for their honesty, but is Jake Owen up for the truth? (more…)

Miranda & Carrie Duet for Billboard

For the first time EVER, these two took the stage for a fierce new song! (more…)

Tim McGraw Plays Bouncer Again

He didn't have to toss anybody out of the show this time, but he did take time to straighten out a couple of guys fighting near the stage. (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Maybelline

Maybelline is super sweet and has a great personality! (more…)

Hey Miranda, What About Missouri?

Miranda's hittin' the road this summer! (more…)

Paybacks Can Be Evil!

He was asking for it though, right? (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 5/13/14

Carl got to see a lot of familiar faces at Kansas Speedway, including Gary Pinkel.  Carl finished in 6th place and was very appreciative of all of the home state support! (more…)

Wait, Ali’s never had WHAT?!?!

As we welcome Ali to the Clear 99 family, we learn something new everyday! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 5/7/14

Races at Kansas Speedway are the biggest of Carl's season because he wants to win there more than any other track. (more…)

L’Damian Washington’s Story

Several Missouri Tiger's lives could change this weekend at the NFL Draft.  After you watch this story, we think you'll be rooting for L'Damian too. (more…)

Remember Carl Edwards on 24?

It was quick but cool!  Back in 2006 Carl played Jim Hill from Homeland Security. (more…)

Scotty In A Tux with Savvi Formal Wear

We hosted the ROARS Ceremony for the MU Athletic Dept.  A fancy event that required some fancy threads for Scotty! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Shiloh!

Shiloh is a 4-year old Chihuahua mix with a beautiful smile! (more…)

Scotty & Cara’s Pitstop with Carl Edwards 4/29/14

The race in Richmond had a REALLY exciting finish, and Carl ended up in 9th place. (more…)

Jamie Foxx Sings Unsexy Words Sexily

Jamie Foxx had some fun with Jimmy Fallon.  Jamie & Jimmy?  Foxx & Fallon?  Just watch... (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Lillian!

Lillian is a Beagle mix and in need of a good home! (more…)

Behind the Scenes of the BEST Party!

THANK YOU for voting Clear 99 and Scotty & Cara in the Morning as Columbia's BEST! (more…)

Scotty & Cara In The Morning Win Inside Columbia’s “Best of Columbia”

We got a nice surprise earlier this week when a group of ladies came in with balloons, and news that we'd won!  The good news is that you're invited to the party! (more…)