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Clear Country Critters
Clear Country Critter – Mable

Mable is a little over 8 years old, very sweet and looking for a new home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Pip!

3-year old Pip is a little guy with a BIG heart! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jana

Sweet Jana! She works well on a leash and is looking for a home. Learn more about her here! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Bailey

If you're looking for a sweet companion, Bailey is the perfect match! She's a Terrier, soft coated Wheaten mix and searching for a loving family. (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Louie

Louie, Louie, Louie! He's smart, well behaved and very loving. Learn  more about this little guy here! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Belle

1-year old Belle is a Chihuahua mix and very sweet. She's a little one but very spunky! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Cypress

3-year old Cypress is a friendly Black Lab with an independent side. Like most Labradors, Cypress is very smart and enjoys lots of TLC! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Rhodes

One-year old Rhodes is kind of shy but very sweet :) Find more about him here! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Otis

Otis is a 2-year old yellow Lab! Learn more about this smart guy here!  (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Bogey

2-year old Bogey is an American Cocker Spaniel mix and searching for a good home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Cappo

Check out this cutie! Cappo is a very well behaved 2-year old Doberman Pinscher looking for a good family! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jones

2-year old Jones is a lovable Beagle in search of a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Mu Shu

2-month old Mu Shu is a spaniel mix and very loving. Puppies can be work and they do come with responsibility but if you have kids, Mu Shu would be a great fit for your family! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Delilah

2-year old Delilah was given to the Central Missouri Humane Society after being with her caretaker for a couple years. She's very well trained, works great with kids and would be a prefect addition your family! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Wilbur

Don't let the pink harness fool you! Wilbur is a 2-year old Chihuahua mix, looking for a family that is in need of adding a small member to their group! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Toby

4-year old Toby is a very well tamed Boxer with a lot of patience. He has the tiger striped pattern on his back and needs a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Alfie

Two month old Alfie is a Terrier mix. He currently has a fractured leg that looks to be healing fine but is still a ball of fire! (more…)

Clear Country Critters – Chico

Chico is a very well behaved 1 year old Chihuahua. He responds well when he's called and would be a great little addition to your family! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Hope

Hope is a very talented dog! She's full of energy and looking for a family to entertain! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Scarlett

5-month old Scarlett is a shar pei/blue heeler mix who is looking for a family. She's a very relaxed puppy and would be a perfect fit for your home! (more…)