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Clear Country Critters
Clear Country Critter, Chuck Taylor!

Sweet little Chuck Taylor is one silly, happy beagle and he's looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Charlie!

Charlie is a 1-year Basset Hound mix and he's looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Maybelline

Maybelline is super sweet and has a great personality! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Shiloh!

Shiloh is a 4-year old Chihuahua mix with a beautiful smile! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Lillian!

Lillian is a Beagle mix and in need of a good home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Craig!

If you think his name is unique, wait until to hear about what breed he is! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Kelly!

2-year old Kelly is a Chihuahua mix and looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Arlee

Arlee is lovable & looking for a "forever home"! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jello!

He wiggles when he walks and goes by the name, Jello! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Pedal!

Pedal is 5-years old and quite small but very loving! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Benny!

Benny is your typical beagle who's looking for a good loving family! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is 5-months old and SUPER soft! If you're looking for a sweet furry friend to cuddle with, he's your guy! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jake!

Jake may come off a little shy at first but when it comes to giving 'loves' he's far from bashful! (more…)

Cara’s Critter

There's been a BRIEF change in video footage for this weeks Clear Country Critter ... (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Stix!

1-year old Stix is quite the snuggler! He's looking for a home and would be a great addition for someone in need of some puppy love (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Mercedes!

2-year old Mercedes is a strong girl lookin' for a warm home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Aneego!

4-month old Aneego is quite the sweetie! Learn more about her and check out other ways YOU can help the shelter! (more…)

Clear Country Critters – Sammy

This sweetheart of a Beagle mix is 5 years old, and looking for a good home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Lucky!

This is one adorable pup! Lucky is 2-years old and he's looking for a good home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Delilah

6-month old Delilah - easy on the eyes and sure to steal your heart! (more…)