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Deer Gone Wild

Ok. So this one is straight out of the movie "Tommy Boy," where Chris Farley and David Spade's characters hit a deer and think it's dead.... but it's not! (more…)

Acoustic Version Of “Hey Pretty Girl”

Came across a really cool stripped-down version of Kip Moore's "Hey Pretty Girl."  Let me know what you think of it. (more…)

Nashville On Tour

Just reading that the TV Nashville may be taking their show on the road.  Would you pay to see the cast members in concert? (more…)

What If Money Was No Object?

Came across this extremely powerful video yesterday, which I feel it's definitely worth the 3 minutes.  Really brings up a great question.. "What If Money Was No Object?" (more…)

Tim McGraw On Ellen

I'm known as a pretty big prankster so can really appreciate Ellen teaming up with Tim McGraw to pull a little joke on a stagehand. (more…)

Puppy Picks Sunday’s Winner

I keep seeing all these different people having animals pick the winner for Sunday's championship game so I decided to find THE CUTEST LITTLE PUPPY Ever and have her choose the winner.  You think she went with the 49ers or ...Read More

Why You Should Never Bet On Sporting Events

Here's the video of me dressed up on the corner of Providence and Broadway in downtown Columbia.  Why?  Well.... (more…)

Year In Review – 2012

Just came across this pretty cool Year In Review for 2012.  What a year it has been. (more…)

A Reason, Season Or A Lifetime

This time of the year always reminds me of this poem because it makes me reflect on the past year and its blessings. (more…)

JMac’s Top 5 Songs Of 2012

After many hours of listening to country's top songs from 2012, I have a compiled a list of my top 5 tunes from the past year. (more…)

Who You Gonna Call?

Extremely happy to read today that Bill Murray has finally agreed to sign on for Ghost Busters III.  Dan Ankroid has been saying for years that a new installment was just right around the corner... taping looks to start this ...Read More

Ohhhhh…. Christmas Tree!

I started a tradition a few years back involving my Christmas tree, and I need your help! (more…)

Killer Karaoke

Pretty sure this will be the funniest 3 minutes of your day... if you choose to watch the video.  Watch the video. (more…)

25 Days Of Christmas

For everyone wanting to know when their holiday favorites play on the tube this year. (more…)

Set Your DVR For This One

New TV show will debut on Discovery Channel on December 12th called Amish Mafia.  Promo looks EPIC! (more…)

I Finally Defined the Meaning of Life

Last week, I opened up the show for Thompson Square at Whiskey Wild, now here is what Scotty & I came up with for how to live a great life. (more…)

Using Taylor Swift Lyrics As Pick Up Lines

Well, looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend.  Here's a video of a guy using Taylor Swift lyrics as a pickup lines. (more…)

JMac’s ‘World Famous Chili’ Recipe

Ok. World famous might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my first batch of chili this season was the best I've ever made so I felt I should share it. (more…)

Cutest Video You’ll Watch Today

Caught part of VH1's Behind The Music special with Carrie Underwood the other night.  Got goosebumps watching it. (more…)

Top 10 Foods To AVOID Before Bed

Ok.  So I came across this list of things NOT to eat before bed... Uh oh... Think this explains why I don't lose weight.  These are my favorite things to eat late at night! (more…)