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Killer Karaoke

Pretty sure this will be the funniest 3 minutes of your day... if you choose to watch the video.  Watch the video. (more…)

25 Days Of Christmas

For everyone wanting to know when their holiday favorites play on the tube this year. (more…)

Set Your DVR For This One

New TV show will debut on Discovery Channel on December 12th called Amish Mafia.  Promo looks EPIC! (more…)

I Finally Defined the Meaning of Life

Last week, I opened up the show for Thompson Square at Whiskey Wild, now here is what Scotty & I came up with for how to live a great life. (more…)

Using Taylor Swift Lyrics As Pick Up Lines

Well, looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend.  Here's a video of a guy using Taylor Swift lyrics as a pickup lines. (more…)

JMac’s ‘World Famous Chili’ Recipe

Ok. World famous might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my first batch of chili this season was the best I've ever made so I felt I should share it. (more…)

Cutest Video You’ll Watch Today

Caught part of VH1's Behind The Music special with Carrie Underwood the other night.  Got goosebumps watching it. (more…)

Top 10 Foods To AVOID Before Bed

Ok.  So I came across this list of things NOT to eat before bed... Uh oh... Think this explains why I don't lose weight.  These are my favorite things to eat late at night! (more…)

Carrie & Brad’s CMA Awards Commercials

Love them as co-hosts of the CMA Awards!  This year will mark the 5th straight year Carrie & Brad have shared these duties... find out how they stay on the top of their game. Bingo anyone? (more…)

Fantasy Football… Clear 99 Style

So Scotty, Cara, Josh Ryan and myself are in a fantasy football league here at work this year.  We didn't really want to make it a money league so here's what we decided to do instead. (more…)

Chocolate Chip Cookies STUFFED With S’Mores… ‘Nuff Said!

A friend posted this link on Facebook yesterday, and I have to admit this is the greatest culinary concoction since Miracle Whip. (more…)

Everybody Is Getting Into The Act

Turns out that we're not the only ones whom LOVE this song! (more…)

Andy Griffith Passes Away At Age Of 86

The entertainment world lost a legend today, Andy Griffith... this according to Andy's close friend, former UNC President Bill Friday. (more…)

Wedding Party Goes For A Quick Dip

Think they took the saying "taking the plunge" waaaayyyy too literal. (more…)

Best Mullet?

Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked who had the better mullet, Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson or Billy Ray Cyrus?  Blake Shelton won this won by a few votes over AJ so today he moves into the finals where he ...Read More

I Feel Diiiiizzzzaaaayyy!

Here's another classic video of a child waking up after anesthesia.  Sounds like he could be on the next season of Jersey Shore. :) (more…)

First Song Off New ZBB CD

Here's the first release from the new Zac Brown Band album "Uncaged," which is due out on July 10th. (more…)

Dierks Takes On Navy Seals

Dierks Bentley has no fear. DB and his crew took on a group of unidentified Navy Seals during a recent paintball showdown, and the entire escapade was caught on film. (more…)

Cute Kids Singing Country Songs

If you need a bit of a mid-week pick me up, then check out these cute kids belting out some of their country favorites. (more…)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Who says teachers don't know how to have fun? (more…)