THE LATEST:  Top 5 @ 5 For 7/29/15
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Billy Currnington On The Bachelor

Move over Juan Pablo (said in a "Peppy Le Pew" voice) because Billy Currington is the latest country star to sign on for ABC's "The Bachelor." (more…)

A Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed when this thing of beauty caught my attention.  Move on over sliced bread, there's a new sheriff in town!  (Click for baking instructions) (more…)

What Would Have Really Happened To Criminals In Home Alone?

One of my favorite movies to watch over the holidays is Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2. Turns out I'm not the only one because a doctor recently decided to analyze just how many times "Harry" and "Marv" would've ...Read More

Darius Rucker Is A Good Dude.

Have always loved Hootie (Darius Rucker), but this will make you appreciate him even more. (more…)

Jake Owen Doing His Best Luke Bryan Impersonation

When you're on top everybody will take their shots at you.  Though, I'm pretty sure Jake Owen was just having some fun teasing his buddy Luke Bryan recently at a show. (more…)

Marriage Isn’t For You

A blog went viral the other day that talks about the reasons why people should get married.  From the subject title you would likely think the post would be someone who recently got divorced, it's not.  It's a really well ...Read More

Another Eric Church Announcement…

Eric is teasing us again. Today he posted a video on Facebook with the message... (more…)

Dolly Parton Showing Off Her Rap Skillz

Dolly Parton is a cultural icon, country music legend AND she has some mad "rap skillz." (more…)

Granny Gets Her Groove On

Went to game #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals Divisional series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, where they ended up outlasting the Pirates and moving on to the National League Championship Series.  After the Cards won, during the celebration outside of ...Read More

Sneak Peek At Eric Church’s New Song

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Eric Church so excited to hear even a small snippet of some new music off of his next album. (more…)

The School Of Rock (10 Years Later)

It's one of those times when you realize how quickly time passes.  Just found out that The School Of Rock recently had a 10 year reunion show.  Check them out singing the theme song to the movie, all grown up ...Read More

Overly Attached Girlfriend Does Taylor Swift

Ok.  You've probably seen the "overly attached girlfriend" photos used as memes on social media.  She recently did a video with song lyrics from Taylor Swift songs, and I'm a bit creeped out right now! (more…)

Me As A Parent

Latest social media thing to go viral, which I'm pretty sure is something that I would do if I were a parent.  I'm proud to introduce you to... BatDAD! (nana nana nana nan nana:) (more…)

“Help Control The Pet Population. Have Your Pets Spayed Or Neutered.”

Scotty and myself recently channeled our inner 1st grader for a great cause.  Check out our "artwork" for No Kill Columbia's event coming up this Friday called "Art Unleashed." (more…)

Top 10 College Towns

Where did Columbia, MO rank nationally on the list of the best college towns to live? (more…)

The Voice Is Coming To St. Louis

"The Voice" open call auditions are coming to Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis July 20 and 21. (more…)

What It Would Be Like To Be A Dog

Came across this video that pinpoints some of the differences between dogs and humans. It shows the what it would be like to see, hear, eat and sleep like a puppy dog. Pretty interesting, short video. (more…)

Charlie Worsham Does… Gangnam Style

Ok.  So this song has definitely had it's time and should be put to rest.  Though, before we do just that... let's hear it "country-fied" by newcomer Charlie Worsham.  (more…)

Keith Urban On Fox Sports Midwest

Keith Urban's hit "For You" is featured in this video announcing FOX Sports Midwest's annual "This One's For You" St. Louis Cardinals telecast to troops overseas. (more…)

True Love: A Doctor’s Note

If you're in need of a heart warming story to lift your spirits up, then I think this one might do the trick.  We should all be so blessed to find this kind of love. (more…)