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The Wait Is Over … Almost

Garth Brooks is set to make an announcement on Thursday! (more…)

Pets and the 4th of July

Don't forget about your four legged friend this 4th of July! (more…)

A View From the top

Verrückt's up - are you ready to ride?! (more…)

Bentley the Biker

Could they have picked a better theme song for this one?! I think not. (more…)

Keith Shares New Lyric Video

Keith Urban's serving up another release off his latest album. (more…)

Kenny’s Comeback?

After a cryptic tweet, one can only believe that a return is on the horizon! (more…)

Falcon’s Fury Fall

Ever wanted to 'nearly' fall flat on your face? (more…)

Platinum Preview

We're less than a week away from her next album! (more…)

Quite The Catch

Timing means everything and this Dad was right on time! (more…)

Thomas Rhett gets emotional with recent #1

Being exposed to the country scene at an early age has paid off for Thomas Rhett! (more…)

Jake Owen Deals with the Truth

Kids are known for their honesty, but is Jake Owen up for the truth? (more…)

Miranda & Carrie Duet for Billboard

For the first time EVER, these two took the stage for a fierce new song! (more…)

Hey Miranda, What About Missouri?

Miranda's hittin' the road this summer! (more…)

Paybacks Can Be Evil!

He was asking for it though, right? (more…)

The Return of CMT’s Inside Fame

The biography series is back with an in-depth look at a couple of megastars. (more…)

2014 CMT Music Video Award Nominees

The list is in, see who's leading the pack! (more…)

Not in Jake’s House!

How does Jake Owen handle out of hand situations while performing? (more…)

Summer Fashion Faux Pas

In the midst of my recent fashion faux pas, I'm sharing with you a list of BIG no-nos for the summer! (more…)

Hmm, perfect timing!

Ever wondered how long it would take to work off that beloved Easter candy? (more…)

The Ultimate Tour

Two of my FAVORITES are hitting the road! (more…)