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Introducing: iCPooch

Just when you thought pampering your pet couldn't go to another level ... it has. (more…)

The Boonslick Experience!

I went to Art in the Park this past weekend at Stephens Lake in Columbia. Lots of things caught my eye  (the art of course) but something really stood out to me - these guys! (more…)

Cara’s ACM picks … and yours too!

I've waited quite a few months to make these picks. These are the artists I think will win at this Sunday's ACM Awards show ... (more…)

It’s Dump & Bake … And I helped!

Looking for a quick dessert to make? We've got you covered! (more…)

Well I was born in a small town ..

Went home for Thanksgiving and decided to venture back to the small town I grew up in so I could share my roots with all the Clear 99 listeners! (more…)

Mizzou Basketball; An Interesting Year in the SEC

Coming off a 30-5 record, what better way to join the SEC than with a projected win of the conference?! (more…)

Cara’s CMA Predictions

It's finally arrived! The 46th Annual CMA Awards are tonight and I'm making my picks! Who do you think will win? (more…)

Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour – Recap

The 364 mile drive was well worth it this weekend. If you ever get the chance to see Eric Church in concert, take advantage of it! (more…)

The iPhone 5 just got BIGGER!

Oh the craze about the iPhone 5! It's been all over the internet, all over your TV and all over service provider stores. So, how do you make it even better? Well, this is how ... (more…)

Mizzou Football Game [Check]

Go ahead and check [Go To A REAL College Football Game] off my bucket list because this weekend was INSANE! (more…)

Your Parent of the Year Award Goes To…

If you're taking your kids on a flight and looking for ways to please other passengers on the plane, contact these two! (more…)

What Would You Do?

I worked two jobs back home, one of them being the Colts ProShop. It was my first retail job so everything was new - I like to believe that I caught on quick until one day when a lady had ...Read More

The Festival Bucket List!

We have a festival back home called “Riley Days” which recognizes poet and Indiana native James Whitcomb Riley. They shut down US-40 for four days and line the streets with booths. Crafts, great food and music from local Hoosiers is always ...Read More

Dog or No Dog?

The Central Missouri Humane Society stops in every Wednesday with a new Clear Country Critter and I'm on the verge of adopting a dog but I need some help! (more…)

The Original Title: Cara’s First Blog

I've blogged before but it's been a while and just a heads up, they tend to be EXTREMELY random. I've been known to jump all over the place at times so hopefully you can follow along without getting lost. (more…)