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Star Wars Meets the Winter Olympics.

So, what would happen if Darth Vader attended the 2014 Winter Games? (more…)

What Celebs Would Look Like

Artist Danny Evans on shows us what celebrities would look like if they lived normal lives. Wow, pretty amazing. (more…)

Blake & Shakira Duet Coming Soon!

Blake must love recording with his Voice co-judges. In 2012 he recorded "Just A Fool" with Christina Aquilera. Now we find out he's been in the studio with Shakira. (more…)

Which Country Star Are You?

Buzzfeed has an app that calculates which country star most relates to your personality. It's just a few simple questions, but thought was pretty cool. (more…)

The Voice: Season 6

Can't wait for the new season of The Voice? Check this out! (more…)

Eric Church “The Outsiders” Partial Album Review

I'm biased when it comes to Eric Church.  I'm also biased when it comes to songwriters who perform their own music. That being said, I LOVE what I've heard so far off of his new album The Outsiders. (more…)

Why Missourians Shouldn’t Complain About Ice!

After watching this, you'll probably never complain about the ice again! (more…)

Now, THIS is how you report school closings!

This is the most awesome school closing that you'll ever see! (more…)

Luke Bryan “That’s My Kind Of Night” Tour 2014

Check out what goes on behind the scenes when Luke Bryan prepares for his 2014 tour with Lee Brice and Cole Swindell. (more…)

Jamie Mac’s Puppy Talk – The Poo Story

What is true love?  Ha.. I have no clue! Though, I do feel like I know what it means to love unconditionally - it's when you put the feelings, wants, desires of someone else before your own. (more…)

2014 Super Bowl Commercials

Who doesn't love Super Bowl commercials. If you just can't wait, here's a sneak peak of some of the commercials airing on Sunday. (more…)

Peyton Manning Throws Ducks! Literally.

With Super Bowl approaching, both the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks have been talking trash back and forth all week. (more…)

Jerry Seinfeld At The Super Bo…I Mean The Big Game

Seinfeld made the media rounds, and I've never been more glad that Al Gore invented the internet. (more…)

Full House Men Reunite For Jimmy Fallon

Danny Tanner, Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey  from Full House recently got together to counsel Jimmy Fallon on leaving Late Night for The Tonight Show. (more…)

Puppy Love – New Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

Last year Budweiser gave us "Brotherhood" which center around a Clydesdale who was reunited with his trainer. This year, the Clydesdales return with a special 4-legged friend. (more…)

Crash My Party (Nascar version)

Luke Bryan will help kick off the 2014 Nascar season from Daytona on February 23rd, think he'll perform this version of "Crash My Party"? (more…)

Dogs + Trash = Comedy.

If you've ever owned doggies, or you know someone who has, you'll most definitely appreciate this.A guy came home to find that one of his three dogs had been in the trash!   The best part of this whole video ...Read More

Jamie Mac’s Puppy Talk – The Backstory

I've recently decided to love again and adopt a puppy.  First off, I'm a HUGE pet lover, but there's definitely a special place in my heart for puppy dogs.  So with that being said, it may then surprise you to ...Read More

Famous People In Rehab

It seems that there has been a rash of them recently, including Trace Adkins. Elizabeth Vargas from ABC News "came out" a few weeks ago, and is ready to tell her story. (more…)

Is Today’s Country Music Bad?

I'm all for Country music evolving, but has it strayed too far from the Mother Church? (more…)