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The Simpsons in 5 Minutes?

Impressionist Brock Baker has done the impossible. He has managed to capture 33 characters from The Simpsons in 5 minutes. How do you think he does? (more…)

New Transformers Trailer Released!

You should watch this trailer because... (more…)

Runners Stop To Salute Veteran

They were running to help fund scholarships for military veterans, and a 95 year old Vet came out to show his support.  Then things got really cool! (more…)

TV Reporter Meets Wall of Snow

Is this the GREATEST NEWS REPORT EVER? (more…)

Poor (Smart) Person Dryer Sheets

Came across this way on Facebook to almost eliminate all costs related to using name brand dryer sheets for laundry. (more…)

Half-Court History!

What's the best way to spice up half time at a basketball game? (more…)

Opening Day A National Holiday?

Legendary St. Louis Cardinal and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith has teamed up with Budweiser in an attempt to make opening day in baseball a national holiday.  (more…)

Scary awesome trailer for ‘Godzilla’ released!

It's been a while since Godzilla stomped his way into theaters, but he's back! (more…)

Puppy Talk – Paisley’s First Weekend Home

So I brought Paisley The Puppy Dog home this weekend so it was a great weekend to say the least.  Though, as you'll see in this video, we still have some work to do when it comes to potty training. ...Read More

Will Ferrell…Olympic bound in 2018?

Could Will Ferrell be in the running for an Olympic roster spot in 2018? (more…)

New Netflix Plan is Perfect…And Fake!

Do you ever argue with a significant other over what to watch on Netflix? Not anymore... (more…)

Luke Bryan In The Big Apple

Who says New York City ain't no place for a country boy. Check out what happens when Luke plays historic Madison Square Garden. (more…)

Respect the Shield…

You won't believe what Captain America is using his shield for in this movie! (more…)

Which 80′s Pop Hit Are You?

Punky Brewster, The Breakfast Club, The Cosby Show, Alf. How about spandex biker shorts, British Knights, leggings. If you were a child of the 80's you remember them all.  (more…)

Puppy Talk – Tips For Puppy Proofing A Home

Just 10 days till I officially give Paisley a "furever" home so now I'm looking for help puppy proofing my home.  Got some good responses on Facebook  when I asked for help and found some online to share with you. ...Read More

Star Wars Meets the Winter Olympics.

So, what would happen if Darth Vader attended the 2014 Winter Games? (more…)

What Celebs Would Look Like

Artist Danny Evans on shows us what celebrities would look like if they lived normal lives. Wow, pretty amazing. (more…)

Blake & Shakira Duet Coming Soon!

Blake must love recording with his Voice co-judges. In 2012 he recorded "Just A Fool" with Christina Aquilera. Now we find out he's been in the studio with Shakira. (more…)

Which Country Star Are You?

Buzzfeed has an app that calculates which country star most relates to your personality. It's just a few simple questions, but thought was pretty cool. (more…)

The Voice: Season 6

Can't wait for the new season of The Voice? Check this out! (more…)