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Facebook Funny Winner(s)!

Thanks for sharing your Facebook Funnies with us! (more…)

Proof that Dogs Have Awesome Lives

If you've ever wondered what living life as a dog is like... (more…)

New Trailer: X-Men Days of Future Past

Will Marvel continue it's run of AMAZING movies? (more…)

Taylor Swift’s Hospital Visit

As busy as Taylor Swift's career keeps her, she always finds time to visit with these special fans. (more…)


Jamie Mac, you have been challenged! (more…)

Grizzly Eats Go Pro

What happens when you put a Go Pro camera near a Grizzly Bear at lunch time? (more…)

Luke Bryan Spring Break Pt 2

Happy Spring Break! Check out how Luke Bryan celebrates. (more…)

Dierks & One Republic Cross Paths

Dierks and One Republic team up for CMT Crossroads this weekend! (more…)

The Peanuts Movie

Good grief, Charlie Brown. Here's the trailer for the Peanuts movie coming out in 2015. (more…)

Disney’s “Maleficent” Trailer

Disney has just released another trailer for the movie "Maleficent" starring Angelina Jolie as the Mistress of All Evil.  (more…)

Charlie Brown…coming to the Big Screen!

It's finally happening... (more…)

Kellogg’s Breakfast At Scotty’s

Carl Edwards won the Food City 500 at Bristol and he did it with the Kellogg's paint scheme... (more…)

I shall call him, Mini-Me

Not only are they related, this little guy's got his Grandpas moves down PAT! (more…)

Another Trend Sure to Sweep the Nation

Planking, Owling, Batmanning ... not for you? Maybe this one suits you better. (more…)

Luke Bryan Spring Break 2014

Luke Bryan and 110,000 spring breakers were joined by the "Ellen" show live from Panama City.  (more…)

the most spoiled rabbit in the history of ever!

Apparently rabbits must be petted at all times... (more…)

Super Cat vs Camera!

This cat does NOT like yoga videos... (more…)

Bacon Fries

Attention all french fry and bacon lovers! (more…)

Jimmy Fallon and the Photobomb

You never know who might turn up in your pictures. How about Jimmy Fallon along with Mizzou alum and Mad Men star, Jon Hamm. (more…)

Breakfast Around the World

We know what we eat for breakfast, but how does the rest of the world start their day? (more…)