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Hmm, perfect timing!

Ever wondered how long it would take to work off that beloved Easter candy? (more…)

Puppy Talk – How To Train Your Puppy Not To Bite

Paisley's in the "mouthing" stage of puppy hood so I have been looking for some ways to help her... and me out:)  Here's a few items I found today while combing the web that might help anyone else out with ...Read More

Taylor Swift Surprises Fan At Her Bridal Shower

Taylor Swift received an invitation to a Bridal Shower. So, she went. (more…)

You Are What Pet You Own

Ladies, do you think this information is accurate? (more…)

This is Why We Can’t Be Disney Characters!

If we did the same things in real life that Disney characters do in the movies, things would get creepy in a hurry... (more…)

Girl Meets World – Trailer

Besides Full House, one of my favorite shows as a yout was Boy Meets World - please don't judge.  So I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be at least checking out how Cory and Topanga turned out as ...Read More

The Ultimate Tour

Two of my FAVORITES are hitting the road! (more…)

Fishin’ Season Is HERE!

The last couple of years I've really got back into fishing regularly and today's weather is making me want to be out on a lake.  So instead of ditching out on work, (thought about it) I decided to YouTube videos ...Read More

Polar Plunge: Netherlands Edition

The next time you're having a bad day, watch this... (more…)

Letterman Tributes Begin

David Letterman announced his retirement, and the tributes are already beginning.  This weekend it was Fallon and The Simpsons. (more…)

What REALLY Happened at the Awards

Whether you missed it or watched it, we've got your recap! (more…)

Paisley’s Pick

It's tough choosing who should win Entertainer of the Year! (more…)

Luke Bryan Drinks A Beer on Ellen

Ellen challenged Luke to a drinking competition. See how he did. (more…)

How I Met Your Mother Ending

So the inter-webs went pretty crazy Monday night after the series finale of HIMYM. If you were unhappy with how it all played out, then here is an alternate ending and some explanations as to why it ended the way ...Read More

Brad Paisley Teases New Music

Something else to look forward to at this Sunday’s ACM Awards! (more…)

New Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

90's kids have a reason to celebrate this summer... (more…)

Have You Met Ted?

One of my favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, wraps up tonight with its series finale.  I haven't been this attached to a show and its characters since Friends.  You'll find some things I believe I've "learned" from ...Read More

Puppy Talk – A Prayer For Dog Owners

Clear listener Lauren sent me this on my Facebook page the other day and thought would be great to share with you, it's called "A Prayer For Dog Owners." (more…)

Facebook Funny Winner(s)!

Thanks for sharing your Facebook Funnies with us! (more…)

Proof that Dogs Have Awesome Lives

If you've ever wondered what living life as a dog is like... (more…)